• Community Events

    Powerlifting, Strength Training and Weight Loss
    3-1-15 10:30 am - Blackberry Market
    Lombard Weight Lifting and Fitness Meetup

    Meetings are held Monday from 5-9pm (general training), Wednesday from 5-9pm (deadlift and associated training), Friday from 5-9pm (bench press and associated training), and Sundays from 9am to noon (squat and associated training). Participants...

    Range Shoot and Pancakes
    3-1-15 10:30 am - Blackberry Market
    Suburban Anti-Zombie Association

    This is our normal, monthly range get-together at Article II in Lombard, IL. Our monthly casual meetup alternates between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The Sunday morning meetup is followed by lunch at Princeton Pancake house. If you...

    Women's Group
    3-1-15 10:30 am - Blackberry Market
    Anxiety support

    Women of the group:     Let's connect, share, listen, catch up. and support each other, with good coffee, food and most importantly, good friends.     I look forward to seeing you.     --- Lindsay

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