Lakshmi(sue) Veeramasuneni
  • Community Events

    The Gospel According to Luke
    2-23-17 7:00 pm - The Gathering Lighthouse Center
    Burning Hearts Bible Study Meetup

    Hi everyone, Let's kick this off. We'll meet at a nearby local cafe owned and operated by a lovely Christian woman, Cafe K'Tizio. It's a terrific venue, with a comfortable, quiet setting and some truly fantastic teas and other drinks. Bring a...

    NEW Chios Level One Beginners Class
    2-23-17 7:00 pm - The Gathering Lighthouse Center
    Midwest Chios Energy Healing School Wheaton

    Become A Certified Energy Healer (activate & expand your healing abilities) Are you being called to energy healing, but you’re not sure where to start? Is your soul nudging you to fulfill your higher purpose for the greater good of all?...

    The Unexplained, The Unknown and the Strange
    2-23-17 7:00 pm - The Gathering Lighthouse Center
    The Gathering Lighthouse Educational Center

    Even as we grow as spiritual beings, weird things keep happening in the world. With everyone having video cameras at the ready, we’re seeing more and more things that we have only heard or read about or NEVER heard or read about! We live...

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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