Lakshmi(sue) Veeramasuneni
  • Community Events

    HMGS Little Wars
    4-28-17 8:00 pm - Overtime Bacon Bar
    The Western Suburbs Miniature Wargaming Group

    Five Stellar Secrets that Will Call in Your Clients with Catherine Johns
    4-28-17 8:00 pm - Overtime Bacon Bar
    The Gathering Lighthouse Educational Center

    You’re driven by the desire to help people, to make their lives better, even to make the world better. But none of that can happen if they don’t know who you are, what you offer and why they need it. Discover how to make your value crystal...

    Overtime Bacon Bar and Karaoke
    4-28-17 8:00 pm - Overtime Bacon Bar
    La Grange 20s-30s, Young Professionals, and The Like

    Hi everyone! Last time I tried this event, I confused people. I will not make reservations this time unless there are people that specifically tell me they want dinner, but karaoke is for anyone that wants to join. They have a bacon menu, bar,...

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