• Community Events

    Dancing at Mullen's to Recycle the Day band
    4-19-14 8:30 pm - Mullen's Bar and Grill
    The Woodridge, Lisle & DG 30s & 40s Social Group

    Join us for a fun Saturday night out for some socializing with your Meetup friends and  dancing to Recycle the Day, a high-energy rock/party cover band. If you are new to the group this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with group members. ...

    outdoor Trail Ride
    4-20-14 9:00 am
    Adventure Bike Club (ABC)

    30 miles Outdoor ride starts at 9 00 AM ...

    Reiki Share
    4-20-14 12:30 pm - Theosophical Society-America
    The Wheaton Olcott Healing Group

    Join us for our weekly Reiki Share. All Reiki levels welcome. People new to Reiki may attend 3 meetings to determine if they are interested in being trained....

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