• Community Events

    Thinking For A Change Lombard
    9-2-14 7:00 pm
    Thinking For A Change Business Networking Luncheon

    This is a new location for Thinking For A Change. It is  in Lombard.The cost is $11.00 which includes coffee, tea, water and sweetsPark in the large lot across the street- you do not need a permit for this lot regardless of what it says.Building...

    Tuesday Evening Outdoor Tennis (Nanci)
    9-2-14 7:00 pm
    Lombard Area Outdoor Tennis Group

       Girl's Tennis has a game this Wed.,, so instead of skipping a weeknight, i am hoping most of us can play on Tuesday~~ Start time is 5:45 now,,it's getting dark earlier and earlier :/  try to get there no later than 6 p.m. if there is a...

    Business Attire a must.
    9-2-14 7:00 pm
    Chicago Land Entrepreneurs and Leaders Networking.

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