Lakshmi(sue) Veeramasuneni
  • Community Events

    Daytime Movie Club - Meetup Time 1:00-1:15pm - Glen Ellyn

    I'm Not Dead Yet --- 50+ Meetup

    Daytime Movie Meetup at the Glen Art Theater in downtown Glen Ellyn. $5 admission. Meet in the lobby at 1:00pm or later if you're going to a film starting at 1:30. All films have about 10-15 minutes of coming attractions. Choose one of the four...

    Snacks After the Movies - Meetup Time About 2:50pm - Glen Ellyn

    I'm Not Dead Yet --- 50+ Meetup

    Daytime Movie Club Dinner after the movies. The exact Meetup time will be determined when the movie times are announced. You can go to the Dinner even if you didn't go to the movies. RSVPs limited to 35. Thipi Thai Restaurant, 530 Crescent Blvd....

    Oak Brook Speakers Regular Club Meeting

    Oak Brook Speakers - Toastmasters

    Once again, thank you to those who attended our open house last week! For those that did attend, that want to come back; or for those who were unable to come last week, we encourage everyone to come to our general meetings every Tuesday from 5:45...

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